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Unser virtueller Caminata durch halb Chile

Hier seht ihr unseren virtuellen Weg - für die Profis ist der GPS-track mit Details unten auf der Seite!

Hier sind wir gerade

Gerade sind wir am chilenischen "Los Angeles" vorbeigelaufen.

Solilauf 2021

   Vamos! Each time you are uploading your activity, we are moving forward on our virtual tour in Chile!

Our motto 2021:

me has hecho caminar a campo abierto - You have set my feet on wide space
Salmos 31,9
del poder del cambio - On the power of change

Worum geht es?

Juntos e.V. gives home for about 20 children and school for about 40 children at the "Hogar Campo Los Espinos" in San Pedro next to Quillota, about 100km North of Santiago de Chile. Each year, we are organizing a charity walk in Kaiserslautern - and this year goes virtual!

Your support allows us to organize tools and gardening equipment, materials and furniture, and allows us to hire good teachers for the agricultural school, and also cook a healthy meal for the students every day.


Many small people walking many small steps in many small places can change the face of the world
african word

How does it work?

It´s as easy as ABC:

A: register - for free - in the top menu I join

B: Run (or do something athletic) between April 10 and April 18 and collect donations from friends and family to support and motivate you!

C: Tell us about your activity here on the website - preferably with a picture and a comment about what you have done!

Questions? Check our FAQs!

We put all our steps together on a virtual path through Chile, on which we get to know the Hogar Campo and our organization at many stations with pictures and stories. Please join us, because Chile is really HUGE and we want to make at least 2300 km!!!!

Do you like our campaign? Then join us or help us with an online donation at "I donate", because you can change the face of this world!


Here is a small example of what our "virtual" run through Chile looks like: